Common Threads

A Tulsa-World | Lorton Family Gallery Exhibit

The works of these Oklahoma artists explore themes of nature & history, innovation & tradition, and interconnectedness. Julie Marks Blackstone paints with thread, using a French knot method to create small treasures with thought-provoking art history connections. Pamela Husky conveys light, patterns, space, and a sense of place in nature using silk, mohair, wool, ramie, and raffia. Stephanie Grubbs creates small, cotton-thread vessels that elevate the ordinary into a place of importance with intricate stitches and knotting.

Common Threads was shown in the Tulsa-World | Lorton Family Gallery at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum from September 9, 2021, to November 2, 2021.

© 2021 Oklahoma Hall of Fame
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